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叠拼别墅设计 | 吉祥如意装饰机构-连云龙:拂晓拾光

时光侵蚀,万物生长, 家在一年又一年的光阴蹉跎里, 沉淀情感,变得富有韵味与温度。   告别审美疲劳 Farewell to aesthetic fatigue   家宅空间说来道去,离不开客厅、卧室、餐厨空间……然而千人千面,家也该有属于每个人独特的样子。这两年看过、做过太多色彩单一,略显枯燥的现代、奶油风格,无论是设计师还是业主都处于审美疲劳的状态,于是在和业主沟通的过程中一拍即合,决定重拾过去色彩斑斓的复古风情,打造一个英伦风、美式、法式互相糅合的家。 The home space is inseparable from the living room, bedroom and kitchen space... However, with thousands of people and thousands of faces, the home should also have a unique appearance belonging to everyone. In the past two years, I have seen and made too many modern and creamy styles with single colors, which are slightly boring. Both designers and owners are in a state of aesthetic fatigue. Therefore, in the process of communicating with the owners, I decided to pick up the colorful retro style of the past and build a home with British style, American style and French style.   设计师以敞开的手法去规划结构,希望空间是流畅有序的,能够为居住者提升生活便利性。开放式就餐空间,使空间的使用动线更丰满灵活,也分担了厨房的空间压力,彼此相互延伸渗透,更具整体性。 The designer plans the structure in an open way, hoping that the space is smooth and orderly, which can improve the convenience of life for residents. The open dining space makes the use of the space more plump and flexible, and also shares the space pressure of the kitchen, extending and penetrating each other, making it more integrated.       拾光者 Light collector   光是空间流动的情绪,静立背景墙角落的“拾光者”摆件,将沉寂打破与生动同时抵达。休闲阳台也纳入客厅,梦幻帘将光影筛选,这一室的灵动与优雅是四季赠予的最好礼物。 Light is the emotion flowing in the space. Standing still in the corner of the background wall, the "light collector" decorations will break the silence and arrive at the same time. The leisure balcony is also included in the living room, and the dream curtain will screen the light and shadow. The flexibility and elegance of this room is the best gift given by the four seasons.         因情构境 Build space through emotion   设计师连云龙善于因情构境。拾级而上,二楼公共区域,通过色彩及材质的碰撞,从视觉的角度让空间更流畅。同时,弧形门洞及通透简洁的玻璃门,柔和了空间,开阔了视野,让楼梯口也能生动活泼不压抑。 Designer lianyunlong is good at constructing environment based on emotion. Step up, the public area on the second floor, through the collision of color and material, makes the space more smooth from a visual point of view. At the same time, the arc-shaped door opening and the transparent and concise glass door soften the space, broaden the vision, and make the staircase entrance lively and not depressed.     如果把家比做人,那起居室就是心源,一天中的活力来源于一夜是否获得好眠。羽绒质感的床头,带来柔软的包裹感,给予卧室空间温暖安逸的感知。趣味的床头灯设计,为生活带来意外的小灵感。 If you compare home to being a man, the living room is the source of your heart. The vitality of a day comes from whether you get a good sleep overnight. The down textured bedside brings a soft wrapping feeling and gives the bedroom a sense of warmth and comfort. Interesting bedside lamp design brings unexpected inspiration to life.       卧室空间,是根据居住者内心而设计,更深层次则是一种对生活方式的看法,把家修建成一个自己隐世的居所,在里边升起动人烟火,至此实现诗意的栖居。由心生发,也向心而去…… The bedroom space is designed according to the residents' hearts. At a deeper level, it is a view of life style, building the home into a secluded residence, raising touching fireworks in it, so as to achieve poetic dwelling. From the heart, but also to the heart……     克莱因蓝的出现,为平静的生活带来一丝涟漪,强烈的冲击力与之所表达的纯净,不用解释,无需语言,就让心灵感知到理想的单纯。 The appearance of Klein Blue has brought a ripple to a peaceful life. The strong impact and the purity expressed by it make the soul feel the ideal simplicity without explanation or language.   人生不过是居家,出门,又回家, 我们一切的情感、理智和意志上的追求或企图, 不过是灵魂上的思乡病。 想找一个人,一件事,一处地位, 容许我们的身心, 在这茫茫的世界有个安顿的归宿。       ▲平面布置方案   项目信息 Project Information -   - Name | 项目名称 - 禹州朗廷湾   -Project Name | 项目地点 - 福建 福州   - Designer Firm | 设计公司- 吉祥如意装饰设计机构   - Chief Designer | 主创设计 - 连云龙     - 连云龙 - 吉祥如意装饰机构 设计师

叠拼别墅设计|吉祥如意装饰机构-郭美芳 / 融信海月江潮

  现代空间中融入东方气质 生活与自然雅韵相伴 创造时尚摩登居所 无论家以哪一种形态呈现,设计的语言都是对生活的思考和回归。在设计师郭美芳看来,做私宅设计就是做生活,在处理空间规划上,设计师围绕一家人在不同时间对空间的使用需求,给予家人更多团聚的时间。   -   01   LIVING ROOM 客厅   -       空间以现代设计语言传递东方情调,使心灵行至深处,感受人居的无限魅力。   The space conveys the Oriental sentiment with modern design language, so that the soul can go deep and feel the infinite charm of human settlement.       客厅是灵魂所在,不仅承载着休闲、娱乐、社交等功能,也传达出主人的品味和个性。   设计师将简约别致的现代风格和东方艺术的光洁质感融合在一起,金属色、木色、灰色相互协调,不动声色地勾勒出视觉重点。色调延伸、包裹,追求时尚和格调的同时也不失家的温馨舒适。   The living room is where the soul lies. It not only carries the functions of leisure, entertainment and social intercourse, but also conveys the taste and personality of the host.   The designer combines the simple and chic modern style with the smooth texture of Oriental Art. The metal color, wood color and gray coordinate with each other, quietly outlining the visual focus. Tonal extension, wrapping, pursuing fashion and style without losing the warmth and comfort of home.   -   02   DINING ROOM 餐厅 -     同色系的圆桌承载着亲朋团坐的温度,轻松舒适的氛围感使得主人宴请宾客也毫无压力,由此开启居住美学。   The round table with the same color system carries the temperature of family and friends. The relaxed and comfortable atmosphere makes the host have no pressure to entertain guests, thus opening the living aesthetics.   - 03   MASTER BEDROOB 卧室   -       简约的内饰边线于墙面勾画出层层几何形态,没有一丝累赘感。作为点睛之笔糅合在大面积的水墨画背景中,成功地利用小细节打动空间,用暖色调丰富了空间调性。   The simple interior sideline outlines the geometric shape of the wall layer by layer, without any cumbersome feeling. As the finishing touch, it is blended in the background of large-area ink painting, successfully using small details to move the space, and enriching the spatial tonality with warm colors.     在强调卧室功能性的同时,场域情感也随之展开。儒雅大气的软装陈设,足以接纳喧嚣过后的宁静。   While emphasizing the function of the bedroom, the field emotion also unfolds. The elegant and generous soft furnishings are enough to accept the tranquility after the noise.       ▲平面布置方案   项目信息 Project Information -   - Name | 项目名称 - 融信海月江潮   -Project Name | 项目地点 - 福建 福州   - Designer Firm | 设计公司- 吉祥如意装饰设计机构   - Chief Designer | 主创设计 - 郭美芳     郭美芳 福州吉祥如意装饰 设计总监